What is Smartreviews Software?
Smartreviews is a complete, fully automated performance management and management development software that offers user-friendly, reliable and affordable solutions to help your company:

Align goals for greater results
Enhance communication and coaching
Increase employee engagement
Save time and money with improved efficiency

Important Reasons Staff Performance Reviews Should Be Automated
Reason One
It enhances ongoing communication. This is because an automated performance management system provides the requisite tools that allow managers (and others) to more efficiently and effectively document performance and conduct regular performance reviews.

When managers are given tools that “encourage” them to communicate and tools that make their jobs easier, they will be more inclined to document performance as it occurs, do a better job of writing about performance, complete reviews in a more timely manner and feel better about what they are communicating to employees. The framework that an automated system offers gives managers more confidence in their feedback and communication.
Reason Two
Automated systems follow performance management best practices. Best practices in performance feedback and performance reviews range from alignment of individual goals with organizational goals to using validated competencies. There are a number of best practices incorporated into Web-based systems such as Smartreviews software. By implementing such a system your organization benefits by having the assurance that best practices are being followed.
Reason Three
Employees are encouraged to share in overall accountability for success. Having an automated system in place brings each level of the organization into alignment with one another and places emphasis on everyone moving in a common direction.
Reason Four
Automated performance management systems capture data over time and provide invaluable information about performance related to goals and competencies in a manner that is difficult and nearly impossible to achieve with manual or quasi-manual systems. Understanding trends and cumulative results is an excellent way for organizations to achieve incremental improvement.
Reason Five
Allows the organization to reduce or eliminate paperwork and go paperless. The inherent “hassle factor” associated with handling, passing and storing paper makes the entire performance management process less appealing to deal with. Automation of the process virtually eliminates the need for dealing with paper. And the level of security associated with online systems is extremely high and will likely elevate the overall security of the process.
Reason Six
Automation of performance management helps make managers more effective in managing their employees. Performance reviews need to be relevant and appropriate to the job being performed and to the goals of the employee and the organization. Because automated systems such as Smartreviews contain tools that help managers/reviewers comment on performance and because these systems simply make the process flow better and easier, managers do a better job of reviewing performance. Feedback is enriched and is done in a timelier manner.
Reason Seven
Save time and frustration. As expected, automation of the performance management process will save significant amounts of time and will reduce frustration because access is gained easily by logging into the online system, and all forms and information are centrally located within the system. Employee feedback and documentation are handled by selecting the employee to be reviewed and all functionality related to the performance management process is located in one area. Notifications of managers and reviewers (or raters) are
automated and the frustration of chasing down managers and raters to complete feedback forms or reviews is virtually eliminated.
Reason Eight
Ultimately a more effective performance management process will lead to better
overall organizational performance and increased profits. Since automation of performance management gives the organization a much better chance of implementing a highly effective process, one would expect that automation to yield better organizational results. Research suggests that this is exactly the case.
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